Author: Jon Rowe

Jon Rowe is a full Professor of Business at Mercer County Community College, where he teaches business, law, and legal issues relating to politics. Of course, his views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.
Jay Sekulow 8

Jay Sekulow’s Vanity Band

Jay Sekulow is one of the most powerful & influential attorneys in the nation. He also has a vanity band, which is, in my humble opinion, quite good.


St. George Tucker and the Theology of the Common Law

Thomas Jefferson disagreed with Blackstone’s notion that “Christianity is part of the common law.” Legal jurist St. George Tucker may have provided an Enlightenment alternative to Jefferson’s notion while revising Blackstone for America.

Education and Making a Good Living

How necessary is to go to college in order to make a good living? Are we getting what we are paying for? Who doesn’t need to go to college in order to make a good living, indeed, even to get rich? Those are the issues I explore here while reflecting on Bryan Caplan’s new book that argues for austerity in education and how a friend of mine is doing quite well in business without a college degree.

God, Aliens and Evidence

I note the recent story about UFOs and consider burdens of proof required to convince of their existence and compare with burdens of proof in the debate over theism.

Human Rights & God

Is “God” a necessary component to undergird universal human rights? And if so, what kind of God best serves the purpose and how compatible is the biblical God, and/or God of the various orthodox traditions with said purpose?

Dr. John Sarno, RIP

A pioneer in mind-body medicine has just passed away. What he could purportedly do is both fascinating and amazing.

John Quincy Adams on Special Revelation & Canon

John Quincy Adams, as a Calvinistic Christian, was open to the notion that John Milton, Homer and Virgil were divinely inspired along the same grounds he believed the inspired parts of the biblical canon were. He also endorsed the notion of a “partially inspired” biblical canon.

Moore’s Law Investing Strategy

A Princeton professor has demonstrated that you can’t pick stocks that “beat the market.” The future, by in large, is unpredictable. Except one area of the future, is predictable. For a possible investing strategy that relates to that predictable area of the future, read on.

Mental Illness & Demons

Sometimes mental illnesses have been metaphorically described as “demons.” “Mental illness” may well be a metaphor too. As I have concluded, there is truth in metaphor.

Transgender Spirit

Transgenderism is not some new crazy phenomenon coming out of the modern demented, decadent, relativistic West mind. Let’s look at how other cultures view this.

Marcion and Arius: American Political Theology’s Roots

How does Marcion, an early church father, who like Arius was one of the earliest notable heretics, relate to the Christian-Deism that arose in England and America during the Enlightenment period of the American Founding. That’s what I am trying to figure out here.

Justice Scalia, RIP

Justice Scalia, RIP. That he would ditch Stare Decisis would make the American System look more European. Yet, Scalia didn’t think “Americans should be governed the way that Europeans are.” That’s a conundrum.