Author: Jon Rowe

Transgender Spirit

Transgenderism is not some new crazy phenomenon coming out of the modern demented, decadent, relativistic West mind. Let’s look at how other cultures view this.

Marcion and Arius: American Political Theology’s Roots

How does Marcion, an early church father, who like Arius was one of the earliest notable heretics, relate to the Christian-Deism that arose in England and America during the Enlightenment period of the American Founding. That’s what I am trying to figure out here.

Justice Scalia, RIP

Justice Scalia, RIP. That he would ditch Stare Decisis would make the American System look more European. Yet, Scalia didn’t think “Americans should be governed the way that Europeans are.” That’s a conundrum.

Dr. Joseph Waligore’s Latest

Ben Franklin was not a non-religious “deist.” But neither was he a traditional orthodox Christian. For some cutting edge research that sheds light on Franklin’s actual religious beliefs, click on the link.

What’s in this Black Box?

Speculation as to the possible existence of a secret coterie of advanced beings who filter knowledge down to NASA scientists.

UFOs: The Atlantis Hypothetical

The contents of a black box are discovered only once it is opened. But we can always speculate about what’s inside.