Jay Sekulow’s Vanity Band


Jon Rowe

Jon Rowe is a full Professor of Business at Mercer County Community College, where he teaches business, law, and legal issues relating to politics. Of course, his views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  1. Avatar Burt Likko

    Boomers with the good toys having a good time, doing a good job covering a good song. Agreed that Elephante is a fine vocalist.

    Sekulow himself seems to not be remotely as good as the other musicians; the famous acoustic guitar chord scale is done by another musician. But he’s keeping up, contributing, and clearly enjoying himself. I couldn’t do any better.

    A pretty cool hobby for Sekulow. I suppose I think a little better of him as a person holistically now, although I still think he has excerable taste in both legal causes and clients.Report

  2. Avatar CJColucci

    He should perform on a double bill with the vanity band of James Dolan, heir to the Cablevision/Madison Square Garden fortune and bane of all Knicks fans.Report

  3. Avatar Jon Rowe

    If interested this is them doing John Schlitt’s/Head East’s “Never Been Any Reason.” Schlitt looks pretty good for, he’s now 70, this was in 2017, so 67. I think it’s pretty good, but not as much of a home run as “Long Time.”


  4. Christopher Bradley Christopher Bradley

    Dude is a grifter who will hopefully be disbarred in the near future. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/trump-attorney-jay-sekulows-family-has-been-paid-millions-from-charities-they-control/2017/06/27/6428d988-5852-11e7-ba90-f5875b7d1876_story.html
    No amount of happy youtube videos of him playing guitar is gonna change that.Report

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