Author: Derek Edwards

Derek runs The Edwards Edition, which is his review and commentary blog, along with A Running Commentary, a weekly newsletter about things that aren't getting their own post.
Midwesterner 16

I’m Not a Midwesterner; No One Is

Words have to mean something, and “Midwesterner” just doesn’t have enough of a single meaning to be of any use as a word.


Birding: Among the Birds of the Mitten

That auditory component, hearing along with seeing, is a big part of why birding is a thing while, say, insecting isn’t.


The Classy, Modern, and Forgotten TwixT

Board Game Symposium: Board games are a weird little industry. You have classics like Monopoly, breakout hits like Settlers of Catan, and some come and go. TwixT is one of those.

detroit style pizza

The Case For Detroit Pizza

Forget about New York or Chicago. Detroit-style pizza is best. It’s nearly impossible to mess up, and it’s very good if done well.