The Classy, Modern, and Forgotten TwixT

Derek Edwards

Derek Edwards

Derek runs The Edwards Edition, which is a personal review and commentary blog that I don't post to often enough.

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  1. Avatar Barry Fernelius says:

    FWIW, this is not a rare game. You can find one on That Large Auction Site for a very reasonable price.

    Back in the day, I owned and played Feudal, another 3M Bookshelf Game. This was their attempt to make a game that would appeal to people who liked Chess. It never caught on in a big way. Oddly enough, it uses the same 24×24 grid game board as Twixt!Report

  2. Avatar Swami says:

    I was playing it regularly with my grandson until I moved a few months ago. I’ve always enjoyed it. I must have gotten it as a kid in the 70s.Report

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