Author: Steve Pittelli

Steve Pittelli is a retired psychiatrist. You can find him on Twitter and his own blog Unwashed Genes.
Democratic Party

Voting for Nothing For the Last Time

We get from the Democrats a not-so-polite “no,” with a hint of self-righteous anger and condescension, when we dare demand better from them.


Looking at the World Through a Genetic Lens

My purpose, however, is only to plant a little bit of doubt or skepticism about what is currently being sold as the truth as we know it. This requires me to talk a little about the genetic studies.


Why I’m Done With Protests

Today, I’ll admit I have no idea what an effective form of protest looks like, but getting together as a group with signs and props feels archaic and useless, almost as if it was invented by those who want any dissent to be easily dismissed.