Author: Patrick

Patrick is a mid-40 year old geek with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a master's degree in Information Systems. Nothing he says here has anything to do with the official position of his employer or any other institution.
pizza hut

Night Shift

Symposium: Needless to say our training was perhaps substandard, and our oversight was perhaps not the best.

Not Necessarily

“It’s an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege that I will never tell you about!”
– J. Maguire

Idle Thought

Full disclosure: on my wife’s cell phone, her ringtone for me is a sample from “White and Nerdy”.

For the Berners

None of the below has anything to do with who I think should win the election, it’s just me looking at the demographics and the polling numbers.

They send a message you may not be interested in hearing, but the message is there.