Apprentice: White House Edition

Brent: Well, we’re into week four of Apprentice: White House Edition and let’s give a brief recap of the season so far.  Joe?

Joe: Well, we saw Flynn drop out in Week One, and a bunch of the other contestants have had very rocky beginnings, this season.  DeVos’s handling of the challenge in Week One was barely enough to get her past the cut, but she’s managed to be a quiet support role since then.  Ducking and covering, my guess (chuckle)

Brent: We were all kind of astonished to see the folks that didn’t even show up in Week One.  The previews for this season indicated that we’d see Christie and Rudy as a couple of front-runners, but they didn’t show up!

Joe: Rudy’s there.

Brent: Wait, where?  I haven’t seen him in any of the challenges?

Joe: I watch the taping of the show, he’s delivering water on the set.  Every once in a while you can spot the top of his head in the background, but you have to be looking for it.

Brent: Hah!  That’s hilarious.  So what’s your takeaway for this week?

Joe: Well, it seems like Bannon went heads with Kushner in the last challenge this week and he’s been bumped down from a clear frontrunner to a second player.  I’m not saying he can’t come back to win this, but he’s apparently got a long way to go.  Trump really didn’t give him a good chance to explain himself in the Board Room, I think.

Brent: I have to say I think Kushner has the inside track.  He always gets a good review from Ivanka in the Board Room, she seems to favor him as a candidate, and Trump listens to her.

Joe: Any insights on this week’s challenge?

Brent:  No.  I have to admit I didn’t see this one coming.  Trump’s always throwing those curveballs, that’s why folks tune in to watch the show!

Joe: A good hard challenge might be just what this season needs, from a ratings perspective!  The first few weeks, viewership is really down.

Brent: We’ll just have to see what this week brings!

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  1. Apprentice: White House Edition has gone through the low hanging fruit, and now we’re in the dog-eat-dog section of the midseason where alliances are forged and broken and folks actually start trying to take down the stronger players.


  2. Admit it , you’ve been just waiting for things to reach a point where you could write this.

    Well done


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