Bad News for Trump But No Arrest (Yet)

David Thornton

David Thornton is a freelance writer and professional pilot who has also lived in Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He is Christian conservative/libertarian who was fortunate enough to have seen Ronald Reagan in person during his formative years. A former contributor to The Resurgent, David now writes for the Racket News with fellow Resurgent alum, Steve Berman, and his personal blog, CaptainKudzu. He currently lives with his wife and daughter near Columbus, Georgia. His son is serving in the US Air Force. You can find him on Twitter @CaptainKudzu and Facebook.

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11 Responses

  1. Jaybird says:

    Unintended consequences include:


  2. Dark Matter says:

    It is very possible that a great number of Trump’s lawyers may have been party to Trump’s criminal conspiracies.

    Rudy GiulianiReport

  3. Burt Likko says:

    Lawyers! Here’s how to represent Donald Trump in twelve easy steps!

    1. Sign the new client. Envision a cabinet appointment or a District Court Judge’s bench. Feel very happy in your new elite status of Republican-ness.

    2. Lose the respect of a high percentage of your peers and colleagues. Irritate a certain number of your clients who either dislike Trump intensely or who want matters resolved quietly — some enough so that they will fire you and hire a different firm.

    3. Be told unbelievable but initially unfalsifiable things by your client. Review a legal theory on memo from some as-yet-unknown-to-you Trump supporter with J.D. issued by Al’s School of Law and Bowling Lanes for whom the client vouches enthusiastically. Repeat those things in already-pending court proceedings.

    4. Learn those things the client told you weren’t true. Seek clarification from your client. Learn that they not only weren’t true, but the client is exactly as culpable of the problem as Twitter said he was.

    5. Disclose the conflict of interest to your new client, ask for a meeting to prepare a new and different strategy to address the problem. Endure blistering anger and rage on phone with client.

    6. Raise ethical issue with the ethics committee.

    7. Get stiffed on your bill.

    8. Raise payment issue with the management committee.

    9. Get fired.

    10. Put malpractice insurance carrier on notice of potential claim. Retain personal ethics counsel for anticipated bar complaint by now-former-client.

    11. Get served with subpoena. Invoke privilege to resist subpoena. Fail because of the crime fraud exception.

    12. Remove admissions certificate from wall of office, bring close to face. Kiss your license to practice law goodbye.Report

    • Greg In Ak in reply to Burt Likko says:

      Not a lawyer obvs to this is outside of my expertise. Somewhere around 3 and 4 doesn’t there have to be some selection of:

      Hold a “major” press conference in the parking lot of a small business or defunct KFC
      Appear on TV while coming off a drug/booze binge.
      Get caught on video with pants not in their up and locked position.
      Demand a McD’s worker put more special sauce on those BMac’s cause the boss likes them the way he likes them.
      Spend all night stress eating jalapeno poppers watching clients previous lawyers go to jail or get out of jail or get charged.Report

    • Re #3 and Al’s School of Law… Perhaps it’s just me, but I have the impression that Trump can get all of the strange legal theories he wants/needs from Harvard and Yale JDs.Report

    • Dark Matter in reply to Burt Likko says:

      Trump hires lawyers based on their personality. Calm and logical people who give good legal advice need not apply. He wants go getters, highly aggressive types, ideally from bad law schools who aren’t doing very well.

      A typical mission will be to “clean up X mess, caused by Trump not paying bill/contract”. The lawyer won’t be given enough money/budget to actually make the injured party whole, so they’ll need to intimidate/browbeat/threaten their way to getting the injured party agree to less. Being told to “find the missing votes” would be something like that, ideally with the threat that if they don’t perform they’ll be fired.

      Sooner or later the lawyer will be given an impossible/unethical job, get caught at it, and get thrown under the bus while Trump gets a new lawyer.Report

  4. North says:

    A bleg- has there been any source suggesting we should believe that the alleged pending arrest exists that isn’t directly connected to Trump himself?Report