An Open Letter To My Congressman Jody Hice

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4 Responses

  1. Teresa Basden says:

    I agree with everything said in the letter. Shame on all of you. All of the Congressional members that failed to uphold their oath on January 6th are complicit in the action taken by the rioters.Report

  2. DB says:

    I absolutely disagree with this letter. REP Hice is my District Representative and I will do everything I can to help him get reelected. Look up Nations In Action. Look up Maria Zack. Research Arturo D’Elia, Nations in Action, and Don’t just assume what I am saying is BS. Research the fact that D’Elia’s attorney has signed an affidavit in Italy, swearing under oath that he, himself, managed the manipulating of data on Nov 3-4 that switched vote tallies from Biden to Trump. He was asked to do this by US officials in the US embassy in Italy, the CIA, Swiss officials, MI6, and the CIA. This corrupt crime was planned with the cooperation of B Obama and PM Conte of Italy before Obama left office in 2017. 400 million was held from the Iran deal to fund this crime. REP Loudermilk, B Kemp, D Nunes, and others were given this information at 1pm 1/6/21. Just before the riots started. The FBI has said they have evidence the riots were planned before Jan. 6th. I believe there were some Trump supporters who got out of hand, but there is video of people wearing helmets and using gear in the same way as antifa. We must explore all the the information. Maria Zack, a former Georgia State Rep knows Kemp well. People have put their lives at risk to solve this crime. All along the powers that be have complained that there was no proof. Well, I saw the videos of State Farm Arena. I know that poll watchers were not allowed to get closer that 25 ft because I was one. There were many issues, but the problems with Dominion continued because there was no name of Who, no location of where this was done, no idea how, or exactly what was done to carry it out. One of the primary individuals participating is head of the EU and is on the Board of Leonardo SpA. Vatican owned Satellite links were used to hack the data, change it and send it to Frankfurt. Now I’m no Techie, and I don’t believe everything I hear or see or read. I don’t subscribe to the philosophy of QAnon. But I have seen a copy of the signed affidavit. I at least think there is a possibility of truth in what was presented to the President on Christmas Eve and to our other officials on Jan. 6.Report

  3. LWood says:

    I would presume that the original writer of this letter is eating a bit of crow right now. It is Sept 2021 and the fraud has bubbled to the top. I just hope that Hice stands his ground to fight for election integrity. This is has nothing to do with party lines or racial discrimination,m this has all to do with our rights as Americans. Everyone one of us should be standing shoulder to shoulder to make sure our elections are pure and not penetrable by anyone or anything to change it. When votes are stolen no matter how they are stolen THEY ARE STOLEN.Report