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Severance 30

Sunday Morning! “Severance”

Finally, I write about a streaming series – I watched the streaming series “Severance,” a surreal depiction of four very likeable human rats in a very unstimulating corporate cage pushing buttons

Gord Lewis 15

Sunday Morning! Gord Lewis and “Teenage Head”

For a lot of Canadians, Gord Lewis played on the soundtrack of their youth. For me, he was the kind, quiet man in the bar with the radiant smile. All praise to the ones who showed us some kinda fun.

Berg 6

Sunday Morning! “Berg” by Ann Quin

Berg seems to go through a crisis of his own. Does he really want to kill this stranger? Or does he want to seduce the man’s mistress?

Émile Zola 18

Sunday! “Germinal” by Émile Zola

Germinal by Émile Zola, meanwhile, is a sort of fever dream of hell on earth that still hits hard, even if you’ve never set foot in a coal mine.

Kay Dick 0

Sunday Morning! “They” by Kay Dick

This recently-rediscovered novella is a chilling anomaly in dystopian fiction: here the censorious “they” feel no need to explain, justify, or announce themselves. We know them only by their hatreds.