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Émile Zola 18

Sunday! “Germinal” by Émile Zola

Germinal by Émile Zola, meanwhile, is a sort of fever dream of hell on earth that still hits hard, even if you’ve never set foot in a coal mine.

Kay Dick 0

Sunday Morning! “They” by Kay Dick

This recently-rediscovered novella is a chilling anomaly in dystopian fiction: here the censorious “they” feel no need to explain, justify, or announce themselves. We know them only by their hatreds.

Nightmare Alley 8

Sunday Morning! “Nightmare Alley” x 3

William Lindsay Gresham heard a story he never forgot. Guillermo Del Toro’s recent adaptation of his “Nightmare Alley” is the latest verion

Dean Stockwell 1

Sunday Morning! Dean Stockwell in “Blue Velvet”

It’s a cameo role as memorable as Brando’s is “Apocalypse Now.” It’s also the exact point at which Lynch’s masterpiece seems closest to tipping over into genuine madness.

Seconds 10

Sunday Halloween Morning! Seconds (1966)

Seconds is an existential horror movie scarier than any B-movie slasher- they can only kill you once; this film suggests you can be killed so surely long before that physical death is only an afterthought.