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Game of Thrones Redemption 18

Game of Thrones Rewatch: Redemption Song

I decided to look at the concept of fictional redemption arcs in Game of Thrones. In the GoT TV show, there are three main redemptive arcs.

Game of Thrones 60

Game of Thrones: Little People, Big World

Quit ignoring The Scope Problem or we’ll end up with more Game of Thrones that start off amazing and end with a disappointed “meh”.

Game of Thrones 34

Game of Thrones: Murder Your Darlings

George RR Martin kills off his characters right. Those deaths mattered. The TV version of Game of Thrones? Not so much…

James Joyce statue in Dublin, Ireland 17

Re-reading (And Not Reading) James Joyce

I know every single one of you is wondering whether and in what ways I appreciate James Joyce’s work. So…In praise of (and in fear of) James Joyce’s oeuvre.

Lovecraft Country 5

Sunday Morning! “Lovecraft Country”

Like the recent HBO series, I consumed “Lovecraft Country” ravenously, like I was a dripping protoplasmic monster too terrible to behold.


We Don’t Need ‘City-Slicker Elegy’

Stop normalizing pathological snobbery, such as “everyone who voted Trump is an inbred, lardlicking oaf ripped from Hillbilly Elegy”

Jane Bowles Two Serious Ladies 11

Sunday Morning! “Two Serious Ladies”

Exploring the Bowles cannon continues with Jane Bowles’s more comedic novel about people who also wander halfway around the world to hear their own voice.