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middlebrow 41

In Defense of the Middlebrow

Why does the middlebrow matter? Who cares what a Jane or John Doe has to say about the Great Books or politics? The answer is obvious…

Proust 9

Sunday Morning! “Time Regained” by Marcel Proust

We’ve reached the final volume of “In Search of Lost Time” and, finally, our hero has realized the work of his life comes in those moments in which joy, unexpectedly, breaks through the crust of ordinary experience. Now, he can get to work.

Ramona Quimby 28

Ramona Quimby Is Not A Role Model

I keep bumping up against the same theme. “Ramona Quimby is iconic because she’s so NAUGHTY!” these articles crow breathlessly.

The Fugitive by Marcel Proust 6

Sunday Morning! “The Fugitive” by Marcel Proust

There are many readers for whom “The Fugitive” is their favorite volume because it’s a psychologically rich depiction of heartbreak and its recovery, something to which we can all relate

copyright 33

Cancellation, Culture, and Copyright

What separates the Dr. Seuss incident from more recent cancellations is that it has turned into a discussion of copyright terms

Game of Thrones Redemption 18

Game of Thrones Rewatch: Redemption Song

I decided to look at the concept of fictional redemption arcs in Game of Thrones. In the GoT TV show, there are three main redemptive arcs.