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The Belly of Paris by Emile Zola 7

Sunday Morning! The Belly of Paris by Emile Zola

The Belly of Paris by Emile Zola about the Paris food market is crammed full of enough tasty detail to make your mouth water. It was Antony Bourdain’s favorite novel and Zola’s favorite of his own. Let’s eat.

Parable of the Sower 5

Sunday Morning! Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler’s 1993 novel Parable of the Sower posits a future dystopia that’s located just right next door to us, and gives a few glimmers of hope that individuals might work together and make it slightly less horrible.

Lucia by Alex Pheby 3

Sunday Morning! Lucia by Alex Pheby

It’s hard to know quite how to read Lucia, an imaginative and erudite depiction of a woman’s sexual abuse and torture that may or may not have happened.

middlebrow 41

In Defense of the Middlebrow

Why does the middlebrow matter? Who cares what a Jane or John Doe has to say about the Great Books or politics? The answer is obvious…

Proust 9

Sunday Morning! “Time Regained” by Marcel Proust

We’ve reached the final volume of “In Search of Lost Time” and, finally, our hero has realized the work of his life comes in those moments in which joy, unexpectedly, breaks through the crust of ordinary experience. Now, he can get to work.

Ramona Quimby 28

Ramona Quimby Is Not A Role Model

I keep bumping up against the same theme. “Ramona Quimby is iconic because she’s so NAUGHTY!” these articles crow breathlessly.