Author: Nob Akimoto

Nob Akimoto is a policy analyst and part-time dungeon master. When not talking endlessly about matters of public policy, he is a dungeon master on the NWN World of Avlis

We Appreciate the Thought…but Let Us Decide.

While understanding the American reaction to Ghost in the Shell casting, Nob thinks it could serve to reinforce a different, emerging conception of Japanese identity.


A Public (Policy) Service Announcement

For whatever it’s worth, the FCC has released the full text of its Title II Reclassification… (Link and full text of the new regulations after the break.)

Rand Paul: Privacy Crusader!

Senate Bill 2685, the “USA Freedom Act” which would have placed significant new safeguards into electronic surveillance and ended the NSA’s meta-data collection program came up for a cloture vote today….


Which is more depressing….?

The article itself or the comments section? This is post-racial America, where simply liking rap music is grounds to be declared “no angel” and having your murder by cops justified by angry white men.


Hopefully the end of it.

In non-cops being horrible news. The Obama Administration announces the work-around for the Hobby Lobby ruling. So yes, they basically expanded the religious institution exemption to Hobby Lobby. This should probably have simply been...


A Blast from Reason’s Past….?

So saw this interesting piece in my article feed today. I tend to be unReasonable when it comes to reading their stuff, so can someone more familiar tell me why this isn’t a problem?...


Meet the Teams: Nippon

Although overshadowed by the performance of the Nadeshiko Japan and the glorious play of Homare Sawa in the last few years, the Samurai Blues look to make an impact on their fifth consecutive World Cup. With...


For the Surveillance Interest Inclined…

Brookings will be hosting a fantastic discussion on the subject next Thursday. Carrie Cordero, Jameel Jaffer, Julian Sanchez, and John Inglis moderated by Ben Wittes will be a MUCH MUCH more interesting and substantive...


Dear Nate Silver: Hire Better Editors

I get that some folks thought we were being too hard on Silver over the Pielke stuff. Fine. But look at this recent piece of utter dreck. Anyone with a basic understanding of statistics...


Speaking of Wu-Tang…

There’s a great petition at to have the White House buy that single album example and use it as a gift to the 6 millionth sign-up.