A Chance for Sanity in the House of Representatives?

David Thornton

David Thornton is a freelance writer and professional pilot who has also lived in Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He is Christian conservative/libertarian who was fortunate enough to have seen Ronald Reagan in person during his formative years. A former contributor to The Resurgent, David now writes for the Racket News with fellow Resurgent alum, Steve Berman, and his personal blog, CaptainKudzu. He currently lives with his wife and daughter near Columbus, Georgia. His son is serving in the US Air Force. You can find him on Twitter @CaptainKudzu and Facebook.

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16 Responses

  1. InMD

    I think it would be political malpractice by Democrats to play any role in saving Johnson if that is even possible. The only way I could see any deal like that maybe making sense was when the military aid/immigration bill was on the table but Johnson made his decision then not to play ball.

    I think us political junkies need to just accept the reality that nothing is going to happen in the House until after the election. If nothing else it at least paints a pretty stark picture of the differences between the parties. One tries to govern, one doesn’t.Report

  2. Philip H

    Since the House has now recessed for two weeks – border “crisis” be damned we have to raise money to get reelected – I don’t see Greene’s motion going anywhere. Aside from the Gaetz quote – which is legit – AOC was interviewed over the weekend proposing the exact deal the OP lays out above to get Democrats to support Johnson. Which means that it’s likely now toxic to any remaining sane Republicans. Astute readers will note that all the Republicans who have left recently or have announced plans to leave are all pillorying their own colleagues for the lack of productivity this chaos is causing.

    Johnson has also finally discovered that governing is not a single party in a single House game, and as much as said so last week. The Freedom Caucus has discovered how little power they have when Democrats are willing to reach across the aisle.Report

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