Don’t Whitewash Black History

David Thornton

David Thornton is a freelance writer and professional pilot who has also lived in Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Emmanuel College. He is Christian conservative/libertarian who was fortunate enough to have seen Ronald Reagan in person during his formative years. A former contributor to The Resurgent, David now writes for the Racket News with fellow Resurgent alum, Steve Berman, and his personal blog, CaptainKudzu. He currently lives with his wife and daughter near Columbus, Georgia. His son is serving in the US Air Force. You can find him on Twitter @CaptainKudzu and Facebook.

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3 Responses

  1. Philip H

    I graduated from what used to be Baton Rouge Colored Highschool – now Mckinley High. It plays such an important role in the history and culture of the Black community in Baton Rouge that it has a museum and its own alumnae association. Had I not been sent there as part of the court ordered desegregation plan I would have graduated from Robert E. Lee High school. Racial divides and the Lost Cause were and are still alive for far too many of our fellow citizens.

    Thanks for writing this.Report

  2. Chip Daniels

    Florida treats black history like it was porn:

    Controversy arises as Miami-Dade school seeks parental consent for Black History Month events
    Schools send home permission slip for Black History Month programs

    In previous threads on education, I’ve noted that cultural attitudes towards education are paramount to whether a child succeeds or not.

    Its interesting that conservatives themselves make this argument, although in a different direction.

    Its common to hear conservatives complain that if their children are taught by a liberal system, they will tend to leave their religion and shed their traditional values and culture. This is why it is so important for conservatives to command the educational system.Report

    • Brandon Berg in reply to Chip Daniels

      Do you even read the stuff you link here, or are you just going off the headlines?

      Miami-Dade School Board Member Steve Gallon said it all has to do with getting parental consent when individuals come on campus.

      It sounds like the issue here is not black history, but outside presenters coming to class. It’s hard to say for sure, because nobody in this story could be bothered to point out the actual law or rule that requires this.

      Note that the district denies that parental permission is required for black history, which Florida’s educational standards require be taught.!/rightColumn/3107

      It’s likely that at least some of these cases are intentional sabotage, with administrators who are opposed to these laws intentionally misinterpreting them in order to make them look bad. In other cases, they may be relying on misrepresentations of the laws that they got from the media and teachers’ unions, who repeatedly told demonstrable lies about them.Report

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