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jcw1967 from Leeds, UK, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons 2

Tales of Yuletides Past

Late December, especially the 25th day of that final month, has been an important time throughout history, especially in the Western world.

Thanksgiving 1

The American Spirit of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the best example of the confluence between America’s pioneering spirit and our national penchant for thankfulness.

aviation 3

Commemorating America’s Heroic Aviators

These are not reproductions; they are working, restored aircraft from World War II. Most have documented combat histories and have flown missions across the world.

Millenarian 13

The Millenarian Midterm

American politics is replete with apocalyptic and millenarian rhetoric. Thankfully, those who feel this way are dead wrong.

Jacobite 12

The King Over the Water

On Donald Trump, Trumpism, the failure of the Jacobites, and the folly of yoking a political movement to a lost cause.

Scotland 27

A Scottish Vision of America

The cultural ties between the US and Scotland, including the love of freedom and liberty which manifests in the political realm, are long-lasting and omnipresent.

James Madison 1

The 3/5th Compromise & James Madison’s Crystal Flute

“I’m Founding Father Ben Franklin, and I’ve got a friend named James Madison who wants you to make him a flute out of this mysterious crystal skull that he had stolen from some innocent BIPOC in Peru.”

John Paul Jones 0

The 2nd Amendment and John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones goes, “Dude, I am going to get all up in the grill of British merchant shipping in the English Channel.” He’s stoked.

Andrew Johnson 3

Why Was Andrew Johnson President?

Andrew Yang, as well as the people rightfully criticizing him, should remember this context when they talk about Andrew Johnson.

Ukraine 30

In Defense of a Useful History

The case that the invasion of Ukraine is not a historical outlier is essential for present discourse on the topic


I, Tiberius: Robert Graves on Caligula

Graves attributed to Tiberius this: “I am nursing a viper for the Roman people, and Phaethon for the whole world.” Graves meant Caligula.