Weekend Plans Post: Wrapping up Christmas Shopping


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  1. fillyjonk

    “Elf” is fun. Depending on the age of any kids present, there’s one “up yours” joke and maybe a tiny bit of innuendo but it’s basically a good-hearted movie. There are some laugh out loud moments (at least for me), mainly focusing on the incongruity of a 6-foot-plus actual-human got up as an elf and sincerely being part of Elf Culture. Has a happy ending.

    Home Alone is fun, too, and I was surprised about how much “heart” it had (the subplot with the old man estranged from his son) but you do have to suspend disbelief about the cartoonish violence that in the real would would have killed Harry and Marv. Some people prefer Home Alone II, which is set in a hotel and has a Tim Curry small part as a smarmy concierge.

    I mostly watch the “classics” – The Bishop’s Wife is a favorite of mine. But a lot of those are maybe a little slow paced for young kids, I don’t know.

    You can probably also find the old Rankin-Bass specials to binge. Years and years ago what used to be ABC Family would show all of them, including some of the less-well-known ones like Nestor the Donkey and The Christmas Snow on a Saturday a few weeks before Christmas.

    Next week is finals for me – mine are all written, so it will just be the grading once they’re done. Tonight I have to go out to dinner with a group of people; we are interviewing a potential new colleague today and traditionally we take them to one of the two really good restaurants in town for a meal. (the favorite place was all booked up with Christmas parties so it’s going to be the expensive place instead)Report

  2. DensityDuck

    If you’re extending to “Christmas occurs during the movie’s events”, then “Trading Places” counts. Being an early-80s R-rated Eddie Murphy comedy, it is extremely funny; being an early-80s R-rated Eddie Murphy comedy, there’s lots of F-words and sex jokes and several topless scenes. (And the heist the heroes pull at the end is totally incomprehensible if you don’t know how commodities trading works.)

    There’s always “Christmas Vacation”, which manages to have an ending juuuust uplifting enough to count as a Happy Movie. It’s PG-13 instead of R, so the language is “one F-word, some S-word” and there’s only one topless scene (and that’s just sideboob, although there is implied full nudity offscreen.) Although at this point in 2023, “Christmas Vacation” has become part of the American Christmas Movie Canon and so just about every adult will have seen it at least once and know what to expect. (TBS is now running it on repeat overnight, and running ads for the movie during the movie which I hope is an intentional joke because it certainly reads like one.)Report

    • Jaybird in reply to DensityDuck

      Trading Places, thank goodness, has hooters. I will not be subjecting Mom to those.

      You know, I’ve never seen Christmas Vacation (though I have seen clips). I don’t think that I’ll subject Mom to that either due to the words “National Lampoon” which she will associate with me trying to pull a fast one.Report

  3. John Puccio

    I started writing something on non-Christmas Christmas movies.

    Let’s see if I actually finish it before Christmas …Report

  4. InMD

    Here’s a long shot Christmas movie you’ve never heard of but that I saw several years back when I had all the pay movie channels. It’s called ‘Last Holiday’ and stars Queen Latifah. I believe it is based on a book.

    Basic premise is she gets what she believes is a terminal diagnosis and resolves to spend her last few weeks/Christmas at a holiday resort in Europe. Gerard Depardieu cameos as the master chef. Timothy Hutton plays the rich antagonist who (along with his girlfriend) learn some lessons. It is not too much of a spoiler I don’t think to say this is a gentle, heartwarming film and it has a happy ending.

    It is funny enough. There is a bit of sexual humor but at a PG 13 rating probably nothing a mom can’t handle. I found it enjoyable so if you want a dark horse give it a try.Report

  5. Peter Moore

    If animated and streaming works for you, I recommend Klaus (on Netflix). It is PG and safe for kids and Mothers, but also entertaining for adults. The animation style is striking, and it has J.K. Simmons as the voice of Santa

    And if you haven’t seen it, Prep and Landing is a great funny short (22 minute) animation, available on DVD and on Disney+Report

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