Saturday Morning Gaming: Ghost of Tsushima


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4 Responses

  1. Kyle Cupp says:

    Ghost of Tsushima is fun. I enjoyed the combat. Post-Elden Ring I’ve been replaying Dark Souls 3 and Symphony of the Night, trying out Nioh 2, completed Tales of Arise, and spent the most time with Tactics Ogre.Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    OH! One of the most awesome parts of the game that I forgot to mention:

    There isn’t a compass HUD. What the game does, instead, is has the wind blow in the direction of your goal. So you’re standing in a field of flowers and the breeze goes in the direction of where you want to go.Report

  3. Reformed Republican says:

    I finished up the post game of Super Robot Wars 30, which was a bit of a slog. Just a lot of enemies with inflated health pools that took forever to kill. Still a fun game overall, even though it petered out at the end. Really, the game is more about playing in a robot toy box, mixing and matching mecha from various sources, and it does that well.

    I recently got Monster Hunter 3U on the 2DS. It’s the one with underwater combat, and I wanted to try it and form my own opinon. I haven’t done too much underwater combat yet, but I think it would benefit from a controller with a right joystick instead of using the touch screen control pad for the camera. Other than that, it’s what I expect from a Monster Hunter game.

    The other new game is Fire Emblem: Engage. Depending on what folks like about Fire Emblem: Three Houses, this is either a step forward or a step backward. Engage is more combat focused and less social focused than Three Houses was. I thought all the school stuff was a time-consuming chore, but it was necessary to improve your characters. There are still some of the chores in Engage (and they existed before Three Houses), but there is not as much, and you can move onto the next battle more quickly. Engage also brings back the classic weapon triangle (swords beat axes, axes beat spears, spears beat swords). I am only starting chapter 6, but I really like it so far. I also decided to do my first playthrough on hard and classic (permadeath) mode which really forces me to think a lot about what everybody is doing.
    I also bought Factorio before the price goes up in a week or so and dabbled a little bit in that. I need to really sit down and dive into it.Report

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