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Saturday Morning Gaming: Guacamelee!

You play Juan, a humble agave farmer in Santa Luchita. When The Big Bad comes in and steals your love interest, you become a Luchador!

crying suns 21

Saturday Morning Gaming: Crying Suns

“Free” is a tough thing to argue against so I picked Crying Suns up as part of the Epic Store’s Free Giveaway Thingy that they do every week.


The Political Cyberpunk 2077 Thread

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out on Thursday, the day after tomorrow, and there is already a great deal of controversy surrounding the game.


Saturday Morning Gaming: Doom 2016

I now have a new computer and I wanted to see what it could do and, holy cow. Doom (2016) captures the joy of playing Doom back in 1993.