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Trial of Botham Jean’s Killer Begins

Prosecutors reject Guyger’s claim of self defense, saying trajectory evidence shows Jean was hit either while getting up from a seated position or while on his knees.


Second Photo Surfaces of Justin Trudeau in Blackface

From The Sun: The prime minister, who champions diversity and multiculturalism, was pictured dressed up as a black man at the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, an elite high school in Quebec, which he attended. He donned...


Ron White on Hurricanes

“It’s not *that* the wind is blowing. It’s *what* the wind is blowing.”

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Comment Rescue: Grief Bacon

There’s a German word, Kummerspeck, which literally means “Grief-bacon” and is used to refer to the weight you put on while grieving.

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Epstein Dead

No justice, but plenty of questions, conspiracies, and soon-to-be pending civil suits against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein.

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Comment Rescue: The Underclass

In Avi Woolf’s Kevin Williamson’s Smallest World post, Brother Rufus wrote an insightful and incisive comment:

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Voice of Reason

Asked about several Democratic candidates for president proposing to raise the number of Supreme Court justices, the Associate Justice was not impressed

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