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Netanyahu 6

Netanyahu Out as Israel’s Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu had been Israel’s Prime Minister for 15 years, continuously since 2009, until today. Naftali Bennet’s coalition took power by one vote in the Knesset.

Mississippi abortion case 4

SCOTUS To Hear Mississippi Abortion Case

SCOTUS has agreed to hear a Mississippi abortion case that both pro-life and pro-choice advocates think could affect the Roe/Casey precedents for abortion law in America.

Israeli-Palestinian 37

Latest Israeli-Palestinian Violence Worsening

The latest violence in the never ending Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at its highest pitch in some time, while the world calls for a cease fire that seems far away.

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IDF tweets footage of Iron Dome intercepting rockets

From the IDF twitter feed: RAW FOOTAGE: This is the moment the Iron Dome intercepted a barrage of rockets over Tel Aviv and central Israel. — Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 11, 2021