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John Henry 5

Songs About John Henry

It’s been a slow news week so come with me on a journey into American folklore to a story we all kn–wait, what’s this coming in through my earpiece? The President of the United...

ryan adams 0

Ryan Adams Cleared by the FBI

While Adams still has the pall of being an asshole hanging over his head, none of those come with possible felonies attached.

Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett 1

Sunday Spins: Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett

Kurt Vile is one of America’s great underrated songwriters and Courtney Barnett has released a few really great records over the past half decade or so

records 8

2020’s Best Albums

As a general rule, popular music, e.g. whatever Spotify, radio, and record companies drive people to listen to, will not be discussed here.

Leon Bridges 0

Saturday Spins: Leon Bridges Good Thing

Leon Bridges occupies a space or two because I dig his particular brand of soul. It’s not too poppy, and it isn’t too experimental to seem like it’s a parody.

bob dylan 0

On Marketing Bob Dylan

A lot of this can all be explained with one simple phrase, 1960s Bob Dylan is not the same Bob Dylan of today.

The last waltz 3

Thanksgiving Spin: The Last Waltz

Celebrating Thanksgiving with one of the world’s greatest vanity projects ever, The Band’s The Last Waltz

Dawes North Hills 4

Saturday Spins: Dawes North Hills

Have you ever had the opener actually being better than the main act? While Dawes was performing, we knew they were something special then.

the beatles rubber soul 4

Saturday Spins: The Beatles Rubber Soul

I know I placed the “underrated” moniker on this album, but that is through the lens of a casual fan of the Beatles, not a fanatic.