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Jeff Beck 5

Jeff Beck, RIP

Jeff Beck was just the way a bloke from Wallington whose imagination was set on fire by the guitar went through life.

The Beatles 6

The Beatles: Sex and The Single Album

Since The Beatles “White Album” came out, people have been saying a single-album version would be a masterpiece. Let’s do that…

Haydn's Surprise 0

Heavenly! Haydn’s Surprise

A piece that’s beloved, and for good reason. Today, we’ll discuss an even better-known Haydn Symphony, the Surprise.

Gord Lewis 15

Sunday Morning! Gord Lewis and “Teenage Head”

For a lot of Canadians, Gord Lewis played on the soundtrack of their youth. For me, he was the kind, quiet man in the bar with the radiant smile. All praise to the ones who showed us some kinda fun.

live 0

Well-Tuned: Absolutely, Live Is Best, But

Of course there are bands and artists that I wish I could have witnessed live, but I have immersed myself into their momentous live recordings

John Strickland 4

An Evening with John Strickland

“Painter John Strickland” was a necessary characterization to get the first paragraph dealt with, but let me tell you about John Strickland.

Naomi Judd 3

The Bridge Naomi Judd Built

Naomi Judd has passed. I mourn the death of a woman who embodied hope, feminism and zero f’s given long before it was fashionable.