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Well-Tuned: Absolutely, Live Is Best, But

Of course there are bands and artists that I wish I could have witnessed live, but I have immersed myself into their momentous live recordings

John Strickland 4

An Evening with John Strickland

“Painter John Strickland” was a necessary characterization to get the first paragraph dealt with, but let me tell you about John Strickland.

Naomi Judd 3

The Bridge Naomi Judd Built

Naomi Judd has passed. I mourn the death of a woman who embodied hope, feminism and zero f’s given long before it was fashionable.

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Well-Tuned: Let’s Talk Soundtracks

I have always been intrigued by movie and tv soundtracks. When the right song is paired to a scene it can elevate it to something unforgettable.

That Feeling 2

Saturday Music: I’ve Got That Feeling

That feeling I have deep down inside that Paul sings about? That feeling manifests itself in different ways when I really contemplate it.