Saturday Morning Gaming: Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition is Epic Game Store’s Free Game this week.


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  1. Marchmaine

    Steam sale: Fantasy General II for $11 for those of you who loved the original.

    Which is kinda funny because the original was 1996.

    I haven’t finished it, but it plays true to form… the idea is to mass forces and kill units before they retreat… but in doing so you always have edge units that the enemy will attempt to overwhelm.

    What makes it fun is that you keep your units from mission to mission and they get better — well the ones that don’t die when you need to make that last attack to kill the enemy’s unit — so the goal is to try to make an elite army by gaining experience *and* giving them upgrades along a skill tree (this is new, I think? I mean, it has been 30yrs and all).

    There’s some light branching where you can chose to attack Clan Green or Clan Red, but if you attack one, you can’t do the other path. It doesn’t feel like it adds anything because you can’t really tell what you’d get either way, so you just pick one and go.

    Mostly just a good old fashioned turn based hexagonal fantasy army game with some DLC.

    (One thing I remember from the original is that it had a really good instrumental version of Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silent playing ominously in the background. They did not keep this to my chagrin).Report

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