How Will They Know We’re Christians? By the Traffic Cops?

Jennifer Worrel

Jennifer Worrel is a transplant from the Great Plains raising two sons and a husband in Metro Atlanta. Extremely likable until you get to know her, she remains a great invite to a dinner party. She prefers peeing in the woods to peeing on private planes and was once told by her husband that she is “way funnier online.” Writes about whatever interests her, she knows a little about a lot. For fun, she enjoys cooking from scratch and watching old Milton Friedman videos on YouTube. Jennifer's thoughts are her own and do not represent the views or position of any firm or affiliate she is lucky enough to associate with.

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1 Response

  1. Philip H says:

    The Venn Diagram between performative Christianity (which infests mega-churches requiring off duty police for traffic control) and performative nationalistic patriotism in the US is nearly a circle.Report