Indentured America: Bibliography

Below, you will find the source material for the posts in the Indentured America series.

[Note: This list will grow with each new addition to the series.]




Nobodies: Modern American Slave Labor & the Dark Side of the Global Economy, by New York Times Magazine Journalist John Bowe; 2007 — ISBN 978-0812971842

Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipanby Chun Yu Wang; 2009 — ISBN 978-0974531342

Levi’s Children (specifically Chapter 2: Slaves to Fashion), by Karl Schoenberger, 2000 — ISBN 0-8021-3812-8 (Chapter 2 available online.)

Pubic Documents

Congressional Hearing comments and verbiage of HR 2234, 1987, which finally completed the “three legged stool.”

Congressional Hearing before the SMDP/CERN on Immigration Issues/Abuses in CNMI, 1994

The Effort to Stop Abuse of Foreign Workers In CNMI, Greg Holloway, Pacific Rim Law & Policy Association, 1997

Senate Report 107-28 on CMNI Concerns, 2001

An Experiment In Protecting Human Rights, Farrah-Marisa Chua Short, UPENN, 2007

Senate Report 110-324 on CNMI Concerns, 2008

Newspaper & Periodical Coverage

Made in the USA?, Philip Shenon, New York Times; 1993

Clinton Seeks Labor Abuse Crackdown in Mariana Islands, D’Jamalia Fitzgerald, LA Times, 1997

Senators Told of Saipan Labor Abuses, Emille Lounsberry, Philadelphia Enquirer, 1998

Saipan Workers Describe Slavery of Sweatshops, Robert Collier, San Fransisco Chronicle, 1999

Transcript: Shame of Saipan:,an ABC News Special Report, Brian Ross, ABC News via Global Exchange, 1999

Paradise Lost, by Rebecca Claren, Ms.; 2006

Interview With ABC News’s Brian Ross re: his coverage of CNMI Scandal, Democracy Now, 2006