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On “Do Cheap Oil Prices Really Damage the Environment?

My mistake, thanks gentlemen. Let down by a usually credible source.

On “In Defense of Trump’s Voters

Trump secretly sent a goat to kill Prince so that he could take advantage of mourning, vulnerable voters.

On “Global Corruption in the Age of Technological Transparency

j r:
Evading capital controls is a big deal if you’re the head of government, but does anyone care if a private citizen does it?

I'm definitely interested in seeing the wider implications of events such as this. Will it result in a crackdown on these measures or countries making global pacts to rat out individuals? Or instead, will it result in a public consensus of "well, they did it so why can't I?" We shall see, although I'm more inclined to lean towards the latter given the public outcry over many of the implicated individuals. Not to mention global governments favoring hardline approaches.

On ““Hello…It’s Me.”

If there are also monocle's involved, sign me up!


Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!


Some months I travel so much that I'm not sure "live" is the appropriate word! But it's always somewhere to come back to and where my books are housed so it works.


Thanks Mike, I haven't ventured that way yet so I will definitely be taking you up on that offer as soon as I do!


Monarchist, always and forever ;)

On “Why ‘Serial’ Season Two Was Such a Flop

Kazzy, I totally agree. I also felt like the hype around the start of the second season made it even more of a letdown.