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Oregon Doughnut Run 4

The Oregon Doughnut Run

Across from the Area 51 gift shop and cathouse, and five gallons of 87 later, I was back on the road on for the Oregon Doughnut Run.

aviation 3

Commemorating America’s Heroic Aviators

These are not reproductions; they are working, restored aircraft from World War II. Most have documented combat histories and have flown missions across the world.

Scotland 27

A Scottish Vision of America

The cultural ties between the US and Scotland, including the love of freedom and liberty which manifests in the political realm, are long-lasting and omnipresent.

iceland 25

On Iceland

“We’re going to Iceland. In April. I can get two hotel rooms with my points. You get the car.” So I went to Iceland. You should go to Iceland.

Sapelo 1

Oh, Sapelo!

Sapelo Island gentrification is a conundrum: resources enabling the island to thrive would also spoil what is so special and unique about it.

the Big Easy

Ode To The Big Easy

He wants to entertain and wants to enjoy life while doing it. He is the embodiment of the Big Easy and he is unapologetic about it. You’re either on board, or you’re not.


Post-Pandemic Wasteland

The pandemic response has created a new post-pandemic world with fewer personal services, amenities and changed priorities for businesses


Life, Legacy, and Divine Intervention

I know it’s never the “fault” of the person responsible for fixing it, so I always try to keep my cool when life gets in the way of my plans


How Do You Know Where to Go?

It doesn’t have to be perfect or tour-quality. You like beaches? Castles? Mountains? Just pick a place and go.


Best Meal Ever Week: Suyapa by the Sea

Every fiber of my being screamed with pleasure when I laid eyes on the syrupy nectar oozing into the many clefts within this exquisitely prepared fish.

The Eagle Has Encountered Customs

The following story is meant to be humorous. The crew of Apollo 11 did not, as far as we know, have a Duty Free catalog in the Command Module.