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speeding 16

Speed Gripping

The devil is in the details for something like this, though at baseline I prefer something like this to speeding cameras.


Vehicle Miles-Traveled (VMT) Tax

With a massive infrastructure bill looming talk of replacing the gas tax with a Vehicle Miles-traveled, or VMT Tax, is coming into vogue.

The Eagle Has Encountered Customs

The following story is meant to be humorous. The crew of Apollo 11 did not, as far as we know, have a Duty Free catalog in the Command Module.

christmas story

A Boxkicker’s Christmas Carol

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” Especially the boxkickers bringing the presents, overworked and underappreciated modern
Santas they are.


What Use Is Uber?

Without investor subsidy, can Uber compete on price? If it can’t, can it survive?


Don’t Fear the Robots

Impressive as the tech is, it is important to remember that the Boston Dynamics videos are trailers for a movie that isn’t yet made.

Conservatives and Trains

So here are the reasons I’ve noticed that sour conservatives on trains

Snow is Scary

It’s OK to be scared by scary things. Driving in the snow is one of them.