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Game of Throne 60

Winter is Here

Game of Thrones IS the quintessential program for 2020. No toilet paper at all. Only the burning rage of a million irritated a-holes

Christmas Tree 5

O (Fake) Christmas Tree

Instead of dragging out all the tired Christmas clichés and 2020 jokes, I’ll just share a little story about a lesson learned and the spirit of Christmas.

James Joyce statue in Dublin, Ireland 17

Re-reading (And Not Reading) James Joyce

I know every single one of you is wondering whether and in what ways I appreciate James Joyce’s work. So…In praise of (and in fear of) James Joyce’s oeuvre.

Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction 2

Worlds Are Colliding!!!

Enjoy the “Christmas Star”. The ancients thought such conjunctions were portent. Let’s hope this one portends a better 2021.

the faith 1

One Is the Loneliest Number

If there is not a one atop the denominator, there is no longer a declaration of The Faith; instead, adherents are reduced to arguing probabilities.

travel 3

How Do You Know Where to Go?

It doesn’t have to be perfect or tour-quality. You like beaches? Castles? Mountains? Just pick a place and go.

Stop ruining Christmas 15

Stop Ruining Christmas

Because part of becoming a modern adult is learning to hate everything that might have made you happy as a kid.

Chuck Yeager 7

Legend Has It: The Passing of Chuck Yeager

In eulogizing Chuck Yeager, a broken telephone pole in West Virginia seems an unlikely place to start. But it is the perfect place to start.

arecibo 2

I Left My Heart in Arecibo

It hurts to say Arecibo “was.” Not simply because it isn’t the largest telescope anymore, but because it is no more.


We Don’t Need ‘City-Slicker Elegy’

Stop normalizing pathological snobbery, such as “everyone who voted Trump is an inbred, lardlicking oaf ripped from Hillbilly Elegy”