Category: Feature


A Clash of Symbols

I wonder what other people might find if they take a moment to consider symbols from the other person’s point of view.


A Tale of Two Resignation Letters

I’ve rubbed elbows with enough board members, who tend to skew old, rich, and patronizing the hired help, to take Kelli Morgan’s account at face value


“Hamilton” and the False Choice

The play “Hamilton” offers us a false choice between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. But the two are morally equivalent.


The Misguidance Of Clark Kent

The following story is meant to be humorous, and is not intended to represent men of steel or any other alloy for that matter.


Saturday Spins: Pantera

A lot of thrash metal just rock the f*&$ out, but a band like Pantera contains a bit more refined artistry than one would expect


Flash: Requiem For a Toolkit

After ages of limping along, gradually being deactivated and blocked behind security warnings, Flash is finally being put out of its misery.


How a Warning Became a Plan

The problem with the idea of executive orders left untouchable by future executive orders.


There Once Was a Girl

I was her you-wouldn’t-know-him-boyfriend-in-Canada except not in Canada and not her boyfriend. But real! And if it did get back to me, that was okay, because she didn’t not like me.


Neurodiversity and the Dignity of Work

Our meritocratic society believes that people with neurological disabilities are worthless weeds. Nonsense. We are flowers that can be beautiful.


Ritalin and Me

The obvious problem is that putting children on an amphetamine with side effects that are hard to verbalize means effects that will be undiscovered.


Saturday Spins: Ryan Bingham

There are till people that listen to mainstream country music when Ryan Bingham exists, and that is a problem that I am trying to personally remedy.