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new York city

New York City Covid-19 Cases Rising

The first epicenter for the Covid-19 pandemic in the US is seeing and uptick in cases again as New York City tries to open schools and brace for winter.

Everybody Gets an F

The national failure of putting kids in classrooms (and keeping them there).


RNC Cancelled. Again.

For the second time, and it would seem final one, the Republican National Convention has been cancelled. At least, the in-person part of it, and by none other than President Trump himself.


Returning to Abnormal

So how did I find myself on my city’s official “reopening” downtown giggling uncontrollably with my friend, both out of our minds on acid? Well…

Covid Nostalgia

Remember the good old days when the shutdowns were just beginning!

Old Men in Poorly-Fitting Pants

It’s too horrible to say any of this so baldly, so we find nice ways to phrase it. But that does us no good, recoiling into a cozy bed of euphemisms.


Coronaroundup: Nick Saban Edition

Three cheers for Nick Saban. Football coaches are cultural leaders of a sort. One is about to become a senator in Alabama, even. What they do matters.


College and Covid

My undergrad alma mater sent out an e-mail blast announcing their plan to reopen in the fall with “mostly” in person classes.