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On Writing of Wrongs

We should understand that because of the technology of the day, we may well be the most recorded and documented generation in history.

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I’ll Keep Writing, Thank You Very Much.

Sometime over the last 25-30 years, I’ve heard someone say that I wasn’t a good writer and it was said in the most emotionally damaging way.


Lawrence Lessig and Clickbait Defamation

Lessig is suing because he made multiple points in his article and the NYT made a headline out of only one of them and it wasn’t the most important point he made.


The Best of Ordinary Times 2019

This was a strong year for Ordinary Times, with contributions from many different authors. It included strong debuts from new voices and dynamite content from our regular contributors

Now where was I…?

A once prolific OT contributor returns with humble-brag and bad advice.


Men Who Help

Needing help is not a sign of patriarchal brainwashing.


The Value Of Writing

The ability to write, not only in the formal sense of being able to succinctly put together an argument but also in a more informal sense, is an underrated and overlooked skill.

In Defense of Poetry

Old poetry is laden with the baggage of centuries of hidden metaphor and archaic references. New poetry is prone to abstraction and whimsical laziness. But poetry deserves our consideration as an art form nonetheless. After all, all the music we love is poetry, and all the fun little things we can do with language are best done in poetic form.

Legal Draftsmanship, Part XIV

Submitted for your consideration, a candidate for the “unlikely sentence exemplar” award.

Language Notes From Knoxville

I see that this is a thing now. I can’t articulate a good objection to it.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t still be grumpy about it.

On Writing

“Ass in seat. There’s no other way to be a writer but ass in seat.”

by James Hanley

An Adjunct’s Lament

It’s the last session of class. What runs through the adjunct professor’s mind?

Pro Defensore Twitter

Burt Likko’s contrarian friend offers a counterpoint to our front pager’s well-known dislike of Twitter as a medium of expression.

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