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In Praise of Work

Work, not leisure, should be seen as the mark of the good life.



Working songs.


The Child-Free Generation’s Hard Bargain With Capitalism

Flip through a few American newspapers and magazines, and it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that there’s a cultural obsession with fertility. (“Where Have All The Babies Gone?” “America’s Baby Bust.” “More...


Charity and Stigma

I think that there should be a mild, limited, almost unspoken social stigma against able-bodied adult charity recipients. Usually there is, but often it comes with a lot of needless baggage. First, it should...


Inequality, Freedom, and Dignity

Note: This post is a belated entry to our League Symposium on inequality. You can read the introductory post for the Symposium here. To see a list of all posts in the Symposium so far,...


Sounds of the City

Right now  as I start this post, out on the street, the same somebody who comes by once a week is creating the clink-clink noise of bottles being sorted out of the neighborhood recycle...


The Zen of Twee

  From the  New York Magazine article The Twee Party: One afternoon last June, the quaint silhouette of a three-masted sailboat made its way into New York Harbor and pulled up at the Red...


Tax Credits and Subsidies

My former colleague Will Wilkinson offers some insightful comments on our intuitions regarding taxes, subsidies, and fiscal policy. To wit: I think the assumption on the right is that first we work to make...


At James B Franks’ Request, a MON TIKI Update!

  January 1, 2012: If there’s a phrase from this passage that feels like it hits a little too close to home, it’s “schemer and narcissist”. It’s an occupational hazard for anyone trying to...


The destructiveness of “hard work”

Few things in American society are as universally revered as a good work ethic. It’s one of the core values we attempt to instill in our offspring. Commentators and politicians have been known to...


More Facebook

Tom wrote a post a while back about employers demanding that employees turn over their Facebook passwords.  My opinion was that this is a very bad idea, and Tod pointed out some salient reasons...


Four Weeks of Boat-Building in Four Minutes

Back in 1989 I made a 10′ x 8′ self-portrait composed of 6400 tiny xerox copies of a portrait of Andy Warhol. I used an early Macintosh II to help me map the location...


Thoughts From Travelworld

It’s odd, really, how much travel I’ve been doing recently. I went nearly a year without any business travel and now it seems like every other day I’m away from home, in a hotel...