Tagged: Work Symposium

The Pit

A powerful reflection of unintended consequences and the things we lose to history, by Matty.

Blessed Be The Boomtown

When you have nowhere else to go, maybe you can go to North Dakota.

In Praise of Work

Work, not leisure, should be seen as the mark of the good life.

The Post-Work Myth

The post-work society is not a new idea. And it’s been wrong often enough that it might not matter if it ever becomes right.

Broke But Happy – Work That Serves Others

After college, Miss Mary opted for a career that served others rather than made her wealthy. Years later, she reflects on the rewards — and price – of such a choice.

Barista Tuition

A small conundrum comes along with what looks like great news.

Office Space!

Milton was in paradise, as far as I’m concerned.

Non-Contractual Employment

An employment lawyer entertains a very radical idea. Except it may already be real!