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Spelling It Out

When a feller needs literacy skills.

Johnson's Dictionary

Death of a Lexicon

While our political divides aren’t going away, the way we talk about them should.

Advertising and Manipulation

This morning I saw a pretty young woman wearing a T-shirt from Brooklyn Brewery. Involuntarily, I recalled the last time I’d had some of their beer. It was pretty good, I remembered. I should...

Vermouth bleg, and cocktail open thread

Way back in the misty ether of the past, Jason posted about the advantages of vermouth in a quality martini.  (My apologies for failing to find the link.)  Paraphrasing a bit, he noted that...

Genesis of a Verb

How “to podium” entered our Olympic lexicon.

excellent well, you are a fishmonger

“The less/fewer distinction isn’t really that hard to learn, but it would be much easier to not have to bother. I can’t think of any situations in which the existence of the two different...

Same Sex Marriage and Nomenclature

In the epic podcast about same sex marriage between me, John Schwenkler and OG Scott Payne, John spoke about the importance of recognizing the cultural relevance of same sex coupling. John finds my personal...