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Milwaukee Mulligan For DNC 2020

With one of the most unpredictable presidential campaigns looming on the horizon for 2020, one thing will certainly be different from the 2016 version: the Democratic nominee will set foot in Wisconsin.

Your righteous anger isn’t enough

The real lesson of Wisconsin is an important one for members of all parties: your righteous anger motivates you, not others. Winning the middle requires having something to vote for, not just to vote against.

Everybody Loses In Wisconsin

Yesterday the good people of Wisconsin went to the voting booths and struck a blow for liberty, bravely ushering in a brand new era of prosperity while sending a powerful message to Washington and...

Some Thoughts On Wisconsin

1. Part of me, of course, is sad Scott Walker won. He’s a conservative and I’m not. All things considered, I prefer when conservatives lose elections. That said, the rest (most?) of me is...

The Walker Roadmap

Mike Konczal has an excellent post up on the three-pronged approach Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is taking in his stealth budget. In fact, he’s charted the whole thing out: The assault on unions is...