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Forget About Undecided Voters

Credit where it’s due — this, from the Weekly Standard‘s Jay Cost, is on-the-money: I would say that 90 percent of the vote is pretty well set. And this is the biggest reason that I...


“A Rake’s Progress”

Matt Labash on Marion Barry is not to be missed. Another point in favor of subscribing to The Standard?


More Boozing

Yesterday’s post on the drink selection at Obama’s beer summit provoked heated comments from Pabst aficionados, Dogfish loyalists, fans of beer-fruiting, traditionalists, hop-heads, and even one staunch defender of Biden’s choice of a non-alcoholic...


The Diversity Racket

There are more than a few compelling reasons to avoid a completely homogeneous workforce, but Matt Labash’s look at sclerotic diversity industry is still pretty damning (and hilarious): Indeed, Peggy Norris, a private-sector contract...