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The Inevitable Result of New Journalism

Charles Johnson’s wild success at becoming the latest Folk Hero/Bad Boy D’Jour isn’t happening despite the latest trends in journalism. It’s happening because he’s better at them than everyone else.

In Which the Left Joins the War On Women

How am I supposed to take the Left’s War On Women concerns seriously when they continue to get history’s most famous case of sexual harassment so terribly wrong?

Defending Richard Cohen

Lovers and haters both are defending Richard Cohen’s eye-raising and seemingly racist Washington Post column. What is needed, the defenders say, is context, a more generous reading, and a retroactive editing of a few poorly chosen words. Tod Kelly does just that.

A Small News Story Worth Watching Unfold

It will probably never change minds, of course.  After all, each side of the aisle will have news organs that “prove” their side is right.  Still, the developments in the Menendez prostitution scandal might...

Reading comprehension was never his strong suit

The Weekly Standard puts out some great long-form journalism, but goddamn is their blog spectacularly annoying sometimes. Here’s Daniel Halper, criticizing The Washington Post for hiring David Weigel to cover the conservative movement: If...

America’s Next Top Pundit

Despite Will’s take on the Washington Post’s “Next Top Pundit” contest, I thought it sounded like a pretty neat way to gain some exposure.  I mean, no matter which way you look at it,...

Dear Washington Post,

Look, I get it. Sales figures are declining. Online ad revenue sucks. This whole fragmented media environment thing hasn’t exactly been gangbusters for business. That Internet video experiment flamed out faster than a Roman...

I take it all back

To hell with established media institutions. They deserve their fate.