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Can Walmart Compete (in Streaming Video)?

Ordinary Times regular contributors Mark Krieger (@musepolisci) and Andrew Donaldson (@four4thefire) break down the news that Walmart is looking to launch their own streaming service, and fall on opposite sides when it comes to projecting the retail giants success.

I’m a Monster

Not only do I not think Walmart is the source of all evils in the world, but I actually have gotten over my elitist sense of the place and now consider myself a customer....

Great Moments In Corporate PR History

Just a quick tip to all of you young, budding entrepreneurs out there.  Probably best if your corporate holiday giving program doesn’t make headlines that read like this:

Walmart and the Welfare State

My friend Ned Resnikoff has a good summary of one of the more fascinating aspects of Walmart’s ongoing and escalating struggle with its workers, the recently leaked documents showing a systematic effort on the part of...

Walmart is not the culprit, it is the symptom

Whatever else one thinks of how we live these days, it’s hard to not see it as temporary, historically anomalous, a peculiar blip in human experience. I’ve spent my whole life riding around in...

A brief defense of Walmart

In my ‘wealth and moral character’ post, the discussion quickly turned to the Walmart debate, and whether Walmart was bad or good for local economies, communities, etc.  Let me first say that I understand...