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Ballots Behind Bars

Prisoners may not pay taxes, but they do live in full service complexes with close ties to all levels of government, dependent on the funding and mechanisms of government at all levels.

Election Day

About Last Night: Election Day Thread

Yesterday was America’s Election Day. Several candidates are running for office. It is estimated that upwards of some, and perhaps several, people will cast their votes by the time the polls close. These votes will be cast for candidates, all of whom generally agree with one another and simply want to work together.

Vote Your Conscience

I will do my best to be brief. I am voting today. But I am not voting for President Obama. I urge everyone else not to vote for him as well. I will do my...

Briefly, On The Rational Consumption Of Coffee

Rose Woodhouse’s excellent post about voting and economic rationality once again rekindled my own interest in the idea that we as human beings are capable of deciding upon the rationality of another person’s decisions....

What’s the Matter with New York?

Two months ago, which is, like, 49 months in blog-months, Kevin Drum suggested there was a very good essay to be written called “Why People Hate Liberals.” This is not that essay. But it reminded me...