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Ballots Behind Bars

Prisoners may not pay taxes, but they do live in full service complexes with close ties to all levels of government, dependent on the funding and mechanisms of government at all levels.

Amendment 4

The First Day of Amendment 4 for Re-enfranchised Voters

Tuesday, 9 January 2019, is the first day that some felons in Florida who previously had their voting rights removed can register to vote again under the effects of Amendment 4. The question is how exactly is that going to work?

Amendment 4

SCOTUS Upholds Ohio’s Voter Purge Practices

The case involved the practice in Ohio of purging voters who have not voted in several years and who fail to return a notice card confirming their address. The case, Husted v Randolph Institute, et al., concerned whether the practice violated the National Voter Registration Act. SCOTUS says it does not.

United States Court of Appeals For The Fourth Circuit

In this one statute, the North Carolina legislature imposed a number of voting restrictions. The law required in-person voters to show certain photo IDs, beginning in 2016, which African Americans disproportionately lacked, and eliminated or reduced registration and voting access tools that African Americans disproportionately used. Id. at *9-10, *37, *123, *127, *131. Moreover, as the district court found, prior to enactment of SL 2013-381, the legislature requested and received racial data as to usage of the practices changed by the proposed law.

The Big Case Drops Early

No Scalia? No problem! When all eight of the surviving SCOTUS Justices agree on the result, we’re sure to get a nice, clear, definite rule of law… right?

Marquee Case On The Docket: Evenwel v. Abbott

One case to rule them all, One Court to mind them,
One rule to govern the States and in its holdings bind them,
In the Land of Washington where the Justices decide.

First Monday 2014

Same cast, brand new season! Burt Likko offers a look at some of the high points of the Supreme Court’s docket for the 2014-2015 Term.

The Republican Takeover of North Carolina

Republicans may be floundering at the national level, but here in North Carolina the party is alive and well and intent on imposing its radical right agenda over considerable opposition. But can they retain their control over the state?

Big Monday 2013

Today is the last scheduled day for decisions and opinions scheduled by the Supreme Court. In the comments to this post, I’ll be glossing the Voting Rights Act, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage cases.*...

Voter Fraud & The Inherent Corruption in Populism

There’s nothing so democratic as a lynch mob, as concerned citizens of Ohio and Pennsylvania have recently shown. In Pennsylvania this week, a judge upheld Act 18-2012, the now-famous piece of anti-voter-fraud legislation. Voter...