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A Sore Test of a New Conviction

Strong is the desire for vengeance. Pretends to be “justice,” vengeance does.

But down that path, no benefit will you find.

Blinded Trials Bait: An Ethics Quandary

Updated Below I had an exchange at a large retailer this weekend that made me question some of the struts in my own ethical framework.  Intellectually, I’m having a hard time piecing together whether...

Marginal cases and virtue

Children are marginal cases. Talking about ethics in terms of autonomy, or rights – Kantian ethics –  famously leaves children, especially very young children, in an odd place. I have addressed this elsewhere in...

Jane Austen, philosophical psychologist

Here’s kind of an odd, but very interesting post, arguing that Jane Austen is a better moral philosopher than a writer, and she’s not a writer with much psychological insight. I think the contrast between...