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anti-semetism 139

Attacks on Jews in New York. Again.

But regardless of which political tribe we pin this on, it’s a scary moment. Anti-semitism is never dead and never very far from us. The events of recent weeks are a stark reminder of that.


Alleged Cop-Killer Captured Alive

Scott Michael Greene is still alive. Which is odd if we believe what we are told about policing, danger, and fear.


Why Do You Care About Free Speech?

It’s suddenly very fashionable to be a strident advocate of free speech, without giving a lot of thought into why free speech is worthy of advocacy. Burt Likko dares to offer five reasons, which surely won’t be controversial at all.


The Santa Barbara Shooting

A horrific event at Burt Likko’s alma mater leaves him meditating on whether the modern age has somehow magnified and distorted the difficult-enough trials of youthful sexual frustration.


A Terrible Starting Point

From today’s Boston Herald (via memeorandum): The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance — a bonanza ranging from cash and food stamps to Section...


Considering Violence, Rape, and how we Interpret Media

When IO released their new Hitman: Absolution trailer last week it made a lot of people angry. Rhetorical guns blazing, they took to their respective forums and articulated their disgust. For those who don’t...


U.C. Davis Investigation…

…confirms common sense about that atrocious pepper spray incident last fall. Added touches: the cops acted against orders; they were untrained and unauthorized to use the spray; and — what else? — a sex...


Talking About The Talk

I admit, I was taken aback when I first heard about “The Talk”. I mean, I suppose I knew that this phenomenon probably existed in a plurality or maybe even a majority of cases…...


22 Years Later

~by Jonathan McLeod I was 13. I couldn’t fathom that my sister’s life could be worth any less than mine. I would never have thought that the girls I knew and loved, friends like...


Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

Scott’s long and deeply-felt reflection on American gun culture is worth reading in full, and I certainly understand why an outsider would find our collective infatuation with things that go ‘boom’ baffling or even...


Guns don’t kill people, but far-right extremists do

With rifle-toting protesters showing up at various rallies and town halls around the country, there’s been a lot of worry – mostly on part of liberals – that these demonstrations could erupt into serious...


not nearly enough

From hilzoy: “I am strongly pro-choice, but I think it is perfectly possible to be opposed to abortion on principled grounds, and I think that it would be an enormous mistake to conflate all...