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Please, read the whole thing

Short form reading recommendations are usually reserved for the sidebar, but I feel compelled to give this one front page billing. Sydney Schanberg – a Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose work inspired “The Killing Fields”...


Studying Vietnam Doesn’t Really Help

Evan Thomas and John Barry at Newsweek take a look at (a) revisionist history of Vietnam, now popular in some circles of the military and how it is influencing the current debate on Afghanistan....


Governments Matter: Afghanistan Edition

George Packer has been digging through books on Vietnam as to what they may tell us about Afghanistan.  (George is smart enough to know that actually Vietnam is probably not the best place to...


A Ghost on Aspen Street

I was out drinking beers with a friend last night, sitting on the patio of a local brewery in the cold April air and waxing poetic about the many pleasures of living in a...

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