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Linky Friday: Sights & Sounds

Linky Friday is Ordinary Times’ weekly tradtion of bringing you links from across the web and around the world. This week, a special all-video edition to cleanse the palate from a crazy week.

The Most Amazing Marriage Proposal Ever

Really, this is not only sweet and moving (and yes, I laughed…I cried…) it’s also entirely unfair. For those poor saps not yet married, there’s simply no way they’ll ever top this. For those...

Masters of War

Something light for Sunday. Pearl Jam hasn’t done much the last few years (gosh, ten years?) but they’re still one of favorites. A big influence when I was younger.

Two Songs for Friday Night

The first is from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes: And the best cover of that song I’ve seen: The second is from The Decembrists: Have a happy weekend all.

Why Chuck Should Start a (Local) Tea Party

This video – via Radley Balko’s digs – is a good illustration of the many job-destroying, prosperity-hampering, mind-boggling regulations that various local governments have in place which make it harder for you and me...

Radically rethinking education

Stumbled on this video at James Joyner’s digs, and both the lecture and the animation are quite extraordinary. I was nodding along throughout. We do need to go in the exact opposite direction than...

The Creative Internet

If you, like me, are sick and tired of the news cycle and the constant drumming up of faux scandals, baseless accusations, and other things Politikal & Absurd, and wish to waste your time...

Bloodbuzz Ohio

I was remiss in my last music post. Several readers pointed out that The National’s Bloodbuzz Ohio is an excellent tune and should have been included. Well here it is: Some great lyrics in...

A jukebox for Friday morning

Forest Sun is pretty unknown I think, but he’s got a lot of great stuff. This song is eerily moving. I wish I’d been to Bonaroo! Watching this next one puts a big grin...

Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Update.  I’m moving this to the front page for a bit because I think people should check it out.  It’s good for a laugh, and what with all this madness surrounding the cops picking...

Hate Crimes and the homeless

I’m not sold one way or the other on the hate crime debates.  Sullivan takes issue with the idea of the homeless being protected under such laws: