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SIHTAF: The Video Game Addiction Lawsuit

SIHTAF means “S[omething] I’ll Have To Apologize For,” as in readily-mockable conduct by a brother or sister member of the bar. Today, I contemplate my cocktail-party response to some guy suing video game publishers because his adult son has become a Playstation waste-oid.


Driving Blind: Fake Geeks and a Dying Middle Class

And we’re back. Friday afternoon I got sidetracked trying to buy a car, but that fell through because the one I was looking at had already been sold. That’s what happens when you take...


Considering the Corruption of Charitable Sentiments

Note: This post is part of our League Symposium on Charity. Here is the introductory post for the Symposium. Here is a list of all posts so far. When THQ, a company which publishes...


Monty Python and the Holy Grail: The Game

Over at Forbes I have a post detailing why I think somebody needs to make a Monty Python and the Holy Grail MMORPG. I list out monsters, character classes, etc. So if you have...


Confirmation Bias, Video Games, Art, and Interactivity

Mass Effect 3 was released two weeks ago today (Tuesday) and there have been a lot of little swirling dynamics when it comes to the game, consumer response, corporate response to the consumer response, and...


Another Open Thread

Okay, this one is for people who want to talk about what video games they’re playing right now so that I can enjoy them by proxy. Or any good books people might be reading...


Notes on video games as culture.

My co-Gent Barrett, in his post “Computing in virtual worlds,” writes: “…there exists a faction represented by such people as Roger Ebert who believe that one may refer to one’s self as cultured while...


Virtually crime free

I was discussing Kevin Drum’s post on falling crime rates in America and the old Freakonomics argument came up – that the only possible explanation for this phenomenon is the after-effects of Roe v....


retro geekdom

This is what I used to do all my writing on.  And I do miss it.  Part of me just misses the fact that back in the day I didn’t have the internet to...