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In Which I Turn Into A Neoliberal Shill

This is not the most original post idea I’ve ever had, but this post by Matt Yglesias got me thinking, and I decided to just write it all down. The basic argument is about...


“Carmageddon,” Car-Culture, and Conservatism

The LA region is preparing for the weekend closure of the 405 freeway, one of the area’s main thoroughfares, for the planned demolition of the Mulholland Bridge to add carpool lanes to a 10-mile...


The Car & The City

by Trumwill Peak Oil has been right around the corner for decades. Global warming requires a response that is going to make energy – oil in particular – more expensive. Commuters and drivers are...


Freeways and the death of the great American city

Tim Lee’s post on the decline of St. Louis is fascinating and heart-breaking all at once. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a visceral dislike of city freeways. This is partly...


For the League’s urbanophiles

Via Good Magazine, here’s a blog that narrows Los Angeles’s cumbersome avenues. The results are incredibly striking:


The New White City

I know this article on race and progressive cities has taken a lot of criticism, but its central observation – that liberal policies and homogeneous cities are closely correlated – seems pretty intuitive. Progressives...