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The Cable And The Stream

In which I am the last person on Earth to discover that cable television is doomed.


Funniest Show Of 2014 Returns Tonight On Comedy Central.

Black Mirror 101, “The National Anthem”

Black Mirror’s first episode, National Anthem, isn’t really the Twilight Zone-esque sci-fi show it claims to be. But it might be the best political/social satire ever produced for television. Spoilers herein, as well as disturbing sexual content. By Tod Kelly.

What Is Game Of Thrones For?

Warning: This post contains spoilers through the second book of A Song of Ice and Fire and the second season of Game of Thrones. Also, if you choose to follow the links, you are...

Classic TV is Bad TV

TV isn’t better, just different. And someone in the future less swayed by the fads of today will see today’s TV as just different, but not better.

“What’chu talking ’bout, Willis?”

When I was growing up there was a period when the above phrase was uttered by everyone, all the time.  I’ve seen similar things happen to, among others, “Show me the money!,” “Time to...

The People Problem

I am about 8 years old. My parents are out for the evening, and I am home with my younger sister, and Beverly, a baby-sitter we both like. Beverly introduced my sister and me...

The Politics of ‘Homeland’ are Incredibly Squicky

(Spoilers for the first three episodes of ‘Homeland’ follow. Be warned.) I’ve been working on catching up with the Showtime series “Homeland” for the last couple days on the recommendation of basically everyone on...

Defending Leno

I found this surprisingly persuasive.

“When TV Became Art”

More good stuff from New York Magazine on the golden age of television.

Podcast: The Golden Age of Television

I sat down with Freddie and Sonny Bunch, film critic for the Washington Times and a blogger at Conventional Folly, to talk about the A.V. Club’s much-discussed list of the decade’s best television shows....


Hulu will start charging for content in 2010.

The Jungle

A disturbing look at the bowels of the reality TV industry.

I don’t own a tv…

…but I do own a computer, and these days you can do almost anything on a computer, including watch TV.  There are many, many fewer ads and you don’t fall prey as easily to...