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Rudy Guiliani 16

Return of the Rudy

Well, look who’s back. Former NYC Mayor and long-time Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani has joined President Trumps legal team. Additionally, Jane Serene Raskin and Marty Raskin is also joining the Trump legal team.


Bad Moon Rising

“November 8, 2016, 4pm. My boss swings by my desk. She’s smiling, putting her coat on, talking of champagne with neighbors. She leaves, I check Facebook. Lots of selfies. One from Liv- white pantsuit, red ‘I voted’ sticker, red lipstick to match. It’s all planned. I close it. I flash back to 2004, downtown Hilton, DNC headquarters. A young democrat plays a hopeful melody on the lobby piano while we all get drunk in the ballroom bracing for victory, which never comes.”


The Electoral College Option

Hillary Clinton is not going to be president. Democratic electors need to accept this if they believe that extraordinary measures within the Electoral College are justified.


Trump Won Because of Pokémon

It’s abundantly clear that the Nintendo property is responsible for Trump’s victory, if you just believe everything I say.


The White Party

The success of Trump demonstrates just how committed white Americans are to ethnic nationalism.


The Thin Blue Wall

Prediction: Whichever candidate gets 51% of the vote will win.


Trump and the Conservative Disposition

In light of Trump’s most recent loathsome statements, it is clear the Republican Party has fewer actual conservatives than it wishes to admit.


The Collapse of the Wall

The game, it turns out, is rigged. With nothing to lose, they burned it all down.