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Maria Butina 25

Maria Butina Arrested on Charges of Being Russian Agent

A Russian woman is under arrest and charged with acting as a foreign agent, but not as part of the ongoing Mueller Probe. Among other activities, her association with NRA events and other conservative groups are alleged to be part of a plan to win “back channel” relationships with the politically powerful.


The Short List? Deciding the SCOTUS Nominee

Tea leaves, prognostications, wild guesses, and SCOTUS predictions sure to go wrong. Everyone can play in the “Who will be the next justice for the Supreme Court of the United States?”

Kennedy 178

Anthony Kennedy to Retire From SCOTUS

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement. His pending vacancy will be the 2nd appointment by President Trump.

Travel Ban 12

“Travel Ban” Well-Within Trump’s Authority, Says Divided SCOTUS

The predictable split of the Court on this matter portends the inevitable split between the left and right leaning citizenry, as many decisions this term have done. With the strong, provocative rhetoric from our President which underlies the whole thing, it is hard to reconcile the two sides.

Stephen Miller 28

Stephen Miller and the Theater of Outrage

Using outrage to draw an overreaction from opponents then becomes self-fulfilling prophecy of “See, those people really do hate us”; for Stephen Miller, immigration checks many boxes for engagement by enragement politics.

Manafort 54

Manafort Ordered to Jail

Paul Manafort is in custody after a US District court judge ruled he had violated the terms of his pre-trial release. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation had filed additional charges alleging Manafort had been attempting to tamper with witnesses in the six months of house arrest.


Daydreams of Impeachment

The impeachment of Donald Trump is the fondest wish of many Democrats. Be careful what you wish for!


Wars of Trade

The US will win most trade wars, but not with Mexico.

Jack Johnson 7

President Trump Pardons Jack Johnson Posthumously

Capping off a busy day at the White House, President Trump has issued a posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion, for a 1913 conviction of violating the Mann Act. His arrest and imprisonment were for the crime of being a black man transporting a white woman across state lines.

Trump-Kim Summit 75

President Calls off Proposed Trump-Kim Summit

President Trump, in a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un released this morning, has cancelled the proposed Singapore summit between the two leaders. The Trump-Kim Summit had been scheduled for June.

Mike Pence 40

Whither Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence started his Thursday off by making a rare comment about the ongoing special counsel investigation, but it was events from earlier in the week that were still on the mind of many folks.

Singapore 4

Trump, Kim Summit Set for Singapore in June

After weeks of speculation, President Trump announced by tweet that a place and date has been set for what would be the first meeting ever between the sitting president of the United States and the leader of North Korea, Kim. Jong-un, in Singapore.

JCPOA_Signatures Iran Deal 44

President Trump Withdraws US From Iran Deal

President Donald Trump announced he is withdrawing the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) document, otherwise known as the Iran deal.

Rosenstein 1

Rosenstein Drama Percolating in Congress

Somewhat buried by other news of the day, comes reports that some members of the House are working on articles of impeachment for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the man overseeing the Mueller Special Counsel investigation.