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“Picking the man and then searching the law books”

Two weeks ago, the Justice Department issued a public notice inviting applicants “‘to refer anyone who had any information’ that might build a case against [George] Zimmerman for either a civil rights violation or...


On Zimmerman and Stand Your Ground [Updated]

If your Facebook wall looks anything like mine, yesterday was a big day for The Nation’s Aura Bogado, whose response to the George Zimmerman trial — headlined “White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman” —  went...


Trayvon Martin, the criminalblackmale

Being perfectly willing to pick at an old scab, I’ll highlight this column in The Guardian about the start of the George Zimmerman trial. Mr. Zimmerman’s attorneys are attempting to paint a very specific picture...


Talking About The Talk

I admit, I was taken aback when I first heard about “The Talk”. I mean, I suppose I knew that this phenomenon probably existed in a plurality or maybe even a majority of cases…...


A Bloggy Puttanesca

(A staple in my house since my single years, a puttanesca is a cheap, low-class pasta dish that clears out little bits of other stuff from the fridge you are trying to get rid...

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